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I'm so stoked you are here and trust me when I say, 
my heart is already bursting at the seams that you are
even considering hiring to capture your wedding or elopement!

Colorado engagement photographer

I've had a passion for photography and videography for about as long as I can remember - starting when my parents introduced me to my first VHS camera, leading to having a point-and-shoot camera basically glued to my hip throughout junior high, high school and college.

I enjoy capturing  all types of different wonderful moments - but elopements, weddings and engagements are my 'bread and butter.' 

My style has more of a 'capture it as you see it', documentary feel. I am all down for posing you and getting you in a flattering position, but I love to capture the in between moments, catching all the small details that normally would go unnoticed - the way your nose crinkles as you go in to kiss the love of your life, the way your partner looks at you when you aren't watching, the sound of your voice cracking with emotion.  All of these moments are important and part of your story!

I captured my first wedding in 2016 and, now going on my 8th year in the wedding industry, each wedding still ignites the spark in me like the first time. I've found freedom in the ability to create permanent memories through recorded moments in time.  I'm overwhelmed with the amount of amazing couples that have entrusted me with the privilege to not only document their special day and hold space for their most raw emotions, but to deliver something to look back on and share with generations to come. 


My fiancé Skyler and I work as a team to capture all the details and delights of your big day!

Skyler also creates short horror films with his business partners and writes and composes music. He even creates some of the music for our teaser films!

I always knew I needed someone creative and passionate to match my energy and when I met Skyler I knew that we would be powerful and live out our dreams together.

We both feel incredibly lucky to be able to capture once in a lifetime moments and create a time capsule for our new friends to re-live their special day.

elopement photography and videography team


Yes, I may be emotional. But in the best ways. (I think)
I'm also nurturing and intuitive which is something I will bring to the table on your wedding day to make you feel the most comfortable!

Pretty please bring your pets along! I am a huge lover of all animals. I grew up with dogs and I have recently in the past few years become a cat lady! I have a precious Siberian kitten, Vega. She's the absolute sweetest!

When I'm not traveling or working, I love being at home. I geek out on learning new things and editing. Sweats, hoodie and slippers are my JAM.

I don't even know how many plants I have at this point but I love them all equally. :) I'll always scope out the most beautiful spots for our backdrops!

I was a cosmtelogist for seven years and I worked in the music industry for two before trusting my gut and going full time with videography! So yes, I will make sure your hair and makeup are on point all day!

Oklahoma Elopement Videographer, Arkansas Elopement Videographer, Wedding VideographerPG
Oklahoma Elopement Videographer, Arkansas Elopement Videographer, Wedding Videographer
Oklahoma Elopement Videographer, Arkansas Elopement Videographer, Wedding Videographer


Traveling is a HUGE passion of mine. Being from a small town in Arkansas, once I first started traveling I knew that experiencing new places is what made my heart soar.

I want to go to all the places and see all the things! I will scope out the best places, find the dreamiest light and capture the aesthetic of your day.

When I say I will follow you anywhere, I mean it!


oklahoma wedding photographer couple walking by the lake

Your big day is important to me. 

It is my mission to capture all your most precious moments to get you in your feels for years to come.


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