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9 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Photographer and Videographer for Your Wedding Day

hire a wedding videographer

Are you planning your big day and wondering if you should invest in a wedding photographer and a wedding videographer? Your wedding is a huge milestone in your life! Imagine being ten or even twenty years down the road and reminiscing on your special day the heartfelt toasts, your parent's laughter, the applause after your first kiss as newlyweds. These are all candid moments you want to be captured throughout the day! Skipping out on a wedding videographer might be one of those things you'll regret not investing in. And you definitely don't want to have any regrets about your wedding day!

I'm breaking down 9 reasons why hiring a wedding photographer AND a videographer is the best decisions you'll make (after saying "I do," of course)!

Double the Memories with a Wedding Videographer

Hiring a wedding photographer is fantastic for capturing those intimate moments, but a wedding video brings your day to life in a whole new way. Imagine reliving the laughter, the tears, and the “I do’s” with sound and motion. It’s like having your very own wedding movie! Who doesn't want that?

hire a wedding videographer

Capturing Emotions

While a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million emotions! Your videographer will encapsulate the raw feelings of the day—from the shaky voices during vows to the cheers and applause after your first kiss as a married couple. Wedding videographers truly tell the story of your wedding from start to finish.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Hiring a wedding photo and video team that’s already worked together? Chefs kiss! They know how to coordinate seamlessly, ensuring they don’t step on each other’s toes while capturing every magical moment from multiple angles.

Check out these stunning wedding films we had the honor of capturing!

hire a wedding videographer

Movement and Sound

Your wedding day isn’t just a series of still moments. It’s the sound of your spouse gasping during your first looks, the tear-filled laughter of your bridal party, your mom and dad's heartfelt toast, and the music of your first dance. You'll be able to watch your first kiss as newlyweds, your closest loved ones dance to their favorite song, and see just how much love fills the room. A videographer captures these dynamic elements that photos simply can’t.

Different Perspectives

While your photographer is snapping that stunning portrait, your videographer will capture the heartfelt speech that’s bringing everyone to tears. Two perspectives mean a richer, fuller record of your day.

It also allows for more camera-shy couples to relax and not worry about not looking natural! With your wedding video, there is no need to stress over posing, just be yourself and enjoy your day, your wedding videographer will work their magic.

hire a wedding videographer

Relive the Speeches and Your Vows

Sure, you’ll have a beautiful photo of your dad giving his toast, but wouldn’t it be amazing to hear his exact words again? Wedding videos let you revisit those priceless speeches and your vows, word for word.

If you're planning to write your own vows, then a videographer is a must. Sure, you can get your aunt or cousin to record your ceremony and vows, but a wedding videographer will capture your vows in more beautiful ways than you can imagine. Imagine rewatching your vows every anniversary and tearing up simply because of how beautifully those sacred words were captured.

Share with Your Loved Ones

Maybe some of your loved ones couldn't make it to the wedding or had to leave early, but that doesn't mean they have to miss out! Sharing your wedding video allows friends and family to experience the day almost as if they were there.

Hiring a wedding videographer is especially perfect for couples who are dreaming of an elopement but still want their loved ones to feel included!

hire a wedding videographer

Catch What You Might Have Missed

Your wedding day will be a whirlwind, between getting ready with your wedding party, the perfect ceremony, and dancing until your feet hurt, you might wonder how time flew by so fast! Your wedding videographer will capture those little moments you might miss and want to soak up later—the flower girl’s dance, your guests’ reactions, and so much more!

Have a REAL Unplugged Ceremony

Having an unplugged ceremony is a must for your wedding day. Hiring a wedding videographer allows you and your loved ones to soak up every sweet moment without their phones in the way. Videographers are professionals who know exactly where to stand to get that shot without ruining the visuals of your day to get it!

hire a wedding videographer

Your Intimate Wedding Day is Important to Me!

As your wedding photographer and videographer, it is our mission to capture all your most precious moments to get you in your feels for years to come! Let's capture those large and small moments that may feel as though they happen in the blink of an eye, and make them last forever. If we sound like the perfect fit, fill out my contact form, and let's start planning your dream day together!

Be sure to follow me on Instagram and stay tuned for what I’m working on next!

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