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Intimate Wedding | Miramar Beach, FL Beach Elopement

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Jenna + Joey | A beautiful Beach Destination Elopement in Miramar Beach, Florida

Photography has entered the chat.

For the past 7 years in the wedding industry, I have captured mostly films. There is just something about video that photos cannot encapsulate. You need both. Video capturing the movement from the day, audio from your vows and the perfect song added in with it make it truly a film about your love. But you still need the photos as well to hang in your house and show your grandkids! That's why I am now offering photo as well as video! While I truly love videography,

Photography was my first love.

Destination Elopement Photographer Videographer  Oklahoma City Wedding Little Rock

Destination Elopement Photographer Videographer

When I first began learning photography severalllllll years ago (I literally don't even remember when it first started, somewhere in Junior High I suppose) something was missing. Over the next few years I did a few photo sessions here and there and they were eh, okay... I felt like I couldn't get the hang of it. I was frustrated with photography because I couldn't produce the images that I was wanting to see from myself. Something wasn't clicking. Which led me into the lap of Videography. Video just came more natural to me and that is what I began to obsess over and focus all my energy on. I watched countless YouTube videos (and still do) to teach myself all the different things or answer any questions that I had.

Arkansas and Oklahoma Wedding Elopement Videographer Photographer

Arkansas and Oklahoma Wedding Elopement Videographer Photographer

Photos by Katie Keith Co.

Offering photo is something I have been wanting to do for so long, but with a full time job and basically doing wedding videography full time as well, it was hard to find the time to want to do anything but relax after work or on the weekends. I had filmed weddings by myself my entire career and that was hard by itself, so trying to incorporate photo seemed like too much. In comes the love of my life, Skyler.

Oklahoma and Arkansas Elopement and Wedding Photographer and Videographer

Skyler and his friends own a horror film production house Dead End Film House and he also is an amazing music producer. When we matched on Hinge I had a good feeling about him. He was creative, hot, and kind. We had similar interests and dreams. Since we met, we have basically been inseparable. For the past several months he has been attending all my weddings with me as my second shooter - helping, learning and getting REALLY dang good. He's my built in second shooter now and it truly so much fun to have a partner to work, travel and be creative with! He has even composed some of the teaser music I use in my wedding films! We make a great team. :)

It's with his help that I have been able to dive more into videography and find my passion and confidence for photography again. He has pushed me to see my potential and we motivate each other to go after our dreams.

Wedding and elopement videography had always been my side hustle, but it was time that I trusted my intuition and go full time as a creative.

Four months ago, I quit my full time job to finally go all in with my business. Not gonna lie, scary as hell! Even though I had bookings, before now I had always had my full time job as my main income. This was just a fun side business. But I knew that once I had the time on my hands to be able to learn new things again, the confidence from working in the wedding industry for 7 years, and the energy and space to be creative - things could only get better.

I have fallen in love with photography again.

When my best friend from childhood, Jenna, asked me to attend her destination elopement with her closest family and friends in Miramar Beach, Florida we couldn't resist! We packed the snacks and camera bags and drove 15 hours one way from Oklahoma City. We got in late, went to sleep, and woke up the next day to capture their dreamy beach elopement through both photo and film for the first time. We had the best time celebrating, documenting and witnessing their love!

Since I finally gave in to my fear of being judged and imposter syndrome (mostly), I've been inspired and constantly excited to learn and do new things.

I'm so eager to continue capturing many more memories through film, and to now be able to freeze those moments in time through photo as well!

Destination Wedding Video Miramar Beach Elopement Photographer Videographer

Hey! I'm Kyndal and this is my boyfriend, Skyler. We are a wedding and elopement photo and video team. Located in Oklahoma City, OK and eager to travel to you for your destination wedding or elopement! Best of all, all of our travel costs are included anywhere in the US!

If having someone capture photo, film or both is part of your wedding day vision - we'd love to chat with you!

Let's be friends!

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